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Social Sciences

The titles in this section explore issues such as equality, policing and crime and range from classic studies and broad experiences to modern insights and the stories of individual people.


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  1. Kings of the Grail
    Kings of the Grail
    José Miguel Ortega del Río, Margarita Torres Sevilla
    publ £20.00

    sale price £3.99 now £6.99

  2. Urban Iran
    Urban Iran
    Karan Reshid, Sina Araghi
    publ £16.95

    sale price £2.50 now £4.99

  3. The Feminist Revolution
    The Feminist Revolution
    Bonnie Morris, DM Withers
    publ £30.00

    sale price £3.99 now £7.99


478 Items

Set Descending Direction