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As well as histories of art in periods ranging from ancient Greece to 20th-century America, our art books include illustrated profiles of artists and illustrators, exhibition catalogues, studies of genres and themes in art.


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  1. Stars and Wars
    Stars and Wars
    Alan Tomkins, Fore. Oliver Stone, Gareth Owen
    RRP £20.00


  2. Nova 1965–1975
    Nova 1965–1975
    David Hillman, Ed. David Gibbs, Harri Peccinotti
    RRP £40.00


  3. Portrait of the Artist
    Portrait of the Artist
    Anna Reynolds, Lucy Peter, Martin Clayton
    RRP £29.95

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  4. Cats of Paris
    Cats of Paris
    Ed. Claudie Gastine, Ed. Francesca Simone, Lila De Nobili
    RRP £15.95


  5. Kokoschka
    Rüdiger Göerner, Trans. Debra S Marmor, Trans. Herbert A Danner
    RRP £20.00


  6. My Life in France
    My Life in France
    Alex Prud'homme, Intro. Olivia Potts, Julia Child
    RRP £10.99



634 Items

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