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  1. Face and Mask
    Face and Mask
    Abby J Hansen, Hans Belting, Trans. Thomas S Hansen
    RRP £40.00


  2. The Levellers
    The Levellers
    Ed. Philip Baker, Intro. Geoffrey Robertson
    RRP £9.99


  3. A World to Win
    A World to Win
    Sven-Eric Liedman, Trans. Jeffrey N Skinner
    RRP £35.00


  4. Gilberto Freyre
    Gilberto Freyre
    Maria Lúcia G Pallares-Burke, Peter Burke
    RRP £19.99


  5. Renaissance Fables
    Renaissance Fables
    Bartolomeo Scala et al, Leon Battista Alberti, Trans. David Marsh
    RRP £31.00



328 Items

Set Ascending Direction