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Graphic Novels

From American superheroes to traditional Japanese characters and themes, our selection of graphic novels is accompanied by insights into classic comics and renowned artists.

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  1. The Kitchen
    The Kitchen
    Jordie Bellaire, Ming Doyle, Ollie Masters
    RRP £9.99


  2. New Challengers
    New Challengers
    Aaron Gillespie et al, Andy Kubert, Scott Snyder, V Ken Marion
    RRP £12.99


  3. Aquaman
    Geoff Johns, Illus Paul Pelletier, Ivan Reis et al
    RRP £10.99


  4. Damage
    Danny Miki et al, Diogenes Neves, Illus. Tony S Daniel, Robert Venditti
    RRP £12.99


  5. The Immortal Men
    The Immortal Men
    Illus. Jim Lee, James Tynion IV, Ryan Benjamin, Tyler Kirkham
    RRP £12.99


  6. The Curse of Brimstone
    The Curse of Brimstone
    Illus. Philip Tan, Rain Beredo et al, Justin Jordan
    RRP £12.99


  7. Sweatshop
    Bill Wray, Peter Bagge, Stephanie Gladden et al
    RRP £17.99


18 Items

Set Ascending Direction