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Including survey reports, monographs, exhibition catalogues and popular works, our Archaeology books range across distant prehistory, through classical and medieval periods to studies of relatively recent industrial heritage.


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  1. Cipières
    Andrew Fleming et al, David Austin, Rosamond Faith
    publ £38.00


  2. Carthage
    Ed. Roald Docter, Pieter ter Keurs, Ridha Boussoffara
    publ £19.95


  3. We Die Like Brothers
    We Die Like Brothers
    Graham Scott, John Gribble
    publ £17.99

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  4. Pharaoh
    Aude Semat, Margaret Maitland, Marie Vendenbeusch


  5. Global Ancestors
    Global Ancestors
    Ed. Margaret Clegg, Jelena Bekvalac et al, Rebecca Redfern
    publ £32.00


  6. Bones and Identity
    Bones and Identity
    Ed. Nimrod Marom, Ed. Reuven Yeshurun, Lior Weissbrod et al
    publ £38.00


  7. The Earliest Neolithic of Iran
    The Earliest Neolithic of Iran
    Ed. Roger Matthews, Ed. Wendy Matthews, Ed. Yaghoub Mohammadifar
    publ £45.00



120 Items

Set Descending Direction