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Shatter Me Collection
(Five volumes)
Tahereh Mafi
Set in a dystopian, dying world, the Shatter Me series is narrated by Juliette Ferrars, a 17-year-old girl with a lethal touch, isolated by her own powers and by the brutal regime of The Reestablishment. Shatter Me was originally a trilogy, but young adult readers couldn’t get enough of its compelling characters, adventure, romance and edgy fantasy, and the chronicles of Juliette continued. Young adult Shatter MeWe meet Juliette in a dark and threatening ‘asylum’, held captive by The Reestablishment, which hopes to weaponize her powers – but after a lifetime without freedom, Juliette finds the strength to fight back. Unravel MeHaving escaped the asylum and The Reestablishment’s plans to use her, Juliette is free to love Adam, the boy who saved her, and to join other ‘Gifted’ people like herself in the rebel resistance, Omega Point.Ignite MeWarner is the son of The Reestablishment’s Supreme Commander; he is also in love with Juliette and possibly the only person who can help her take down the evil regime. Restore MeHaving killed the North American Supreme Commander, Juliette has taken over as ruler of The Reestablishment. She can still kill with the touch of her hand; but can she control that power, or will it control her?Defy MeHer tenure as Supreme Commander has been disastrous, and Juliette’s life unravels as Warner reveals secrets – unknown to her – about her identity; but she remains strong, resilient and ready to fight for life and love.