Routledge Essential Guides Series

Through an exclusive arrangement with Routledge, the world’s leading academic publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences, we can offer its authoritative and widely acclaimed students’ texts at very reasonable prices. For students of history, philosophy, the social sciences, media studies and music, these textbooks might help relieve the daunting cost of their reading lists.

  • Intended as first introductions for students new to a subject, each of these guidebooks gives an overview of the fundamental principles of a subject area in an accessible format and jargon-free language.

  • 49 titles

  • Written by noted experts, these lucid, alphabetically organized handbooks define and discuss the central concepts, thinkers and debates in a broad range of academic disciplines.

  • 18 titles

  • In short essays, each of these volumes focuses on the 50 essential writers, movements, works or themes in disciplines ranging from ancient history to modern media studies.

  • 14 titles

  • This series introduces the texts that have helped shape Western civilization, each Guide providing a detailed examination of the central ideas and arguments of the book and discussion of its lasting significance.

  • 20 titles

  • Each of these invaluable introductory guides to today's critical terminology offers an original overview by a leading literary or cultural critic.

  • 20 titles

  • Ideal for students new to philosophy, each book in this series places a major philosopher in historical context, explains their key arguments and considers their legacy.

  • 19 titles

  • Each of these books contains around 15 essays, in each of which the contributor explores a single concept in the work of a major philosopher.

  • 9 titles

  • Each GuideBook considers a key area in the work of a major philosopher by focusing on an important text and assessing its contribution to contemporary thought.

  • 17 titles