How to use the Easy Order form

1. The Easy Order Form is designed for use with your catalogue or where you know the 6-digit product codes for the items you want to order.

2. Type in your first 6-digit product code into the ‘Enter Product Code’ box. On entering the final digit, there can be three results:

a) The title is in stock and the details will appear below – the cursor will be ready for the next code

b) The title is out of stock but still on the website – a message will appear – hit ‘Return’ or click ‘OK’

c) The code is not recognised or the title is no longer available – a message will appear – hit ‘Return’ or click ‘OK’

3. Options available:

a) Change the quantity at any time (defaults to 1, maximum 3)

b) Display or hide images (tickbox)

c) Delete an item

4. When you’re ready, click 'Add to Basket'. This will move all your items across, and will clear your Easy Order Form.

5. If the availability of any item has changed since it was added to the Form, you will be notified if it’s now out of stock or the quantity available has changed.

6. You can return to the Easy Order Form at any time and build another list for adding to your Basket.

7. The contents will remain in the Form while you stay in the same session. However once you leave your session, or shut down your device, the Easy Order Form will be cleared.