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Neil Gaiman Collection
With Stories Come Possibilities (5 vols)
Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman is one of Britain’s leading fantasy writers with books that blend science fiction, fairy tales and mystery in rich, imaginative storytelling. The five books in our collection are Gaiman’s most iconic, now relaunched with new designs to celebrate the 20th anniversary of American Gods. All five novels transcend genres, combining the everyday with hidden worlds that can be underground, over the ancient town walls or in a neighbour’s pond. NeverwhereGaiman’s debut novel, based on the television series co-written with Lenny Henry, is an urban fantasy set in London Below, where Richard Mayhew helps an injured girl, then finds himself in an underground city filled with monsters, murderers and angels.Stardust Tristan Thorn sets out on a quest to win a lady’s hand: he crosses into the magical land of Faerie, a world beyond the town walls, to bring back a fallen star for the beautiful girl who has won his heart. American GodsEx-convict Shadow and the mysterious Mr Wednesday embark on an epic road trip across America, searching for Old Gods, ancient mythological beings, to enlist them in a battle against the New Gods – divinities born of modern life.Anansi BoysAfter Fat Charlie’s dad dies of a heart attack while singing karaoke, the boy’s life is thrown into chaos. He learns that his father was an incarnation of the African spider-god Anansi, and a hitherto unknown brother arrives on his doorstep.The Ocean at the End of the LaneAn unnamed narrator returns to his childhood home and recalls strange events of 40 years ago when, after a coin stuck in his throat, a girl helped him, but led him into a supernatural world and a pond that was really an ocean.