Street Renegades

Street Renegades

New Underground Art

Paperback128pp Illustrated230x190mm

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Graffiti and street art have been at the heart of visual subcultures for the past thirty years. However, as time progresses the new wave of artists are moving in fresh directions. Corporate giants have been quick to jump on the graffiti bandwagon, perceiving it as a shortcut to youth culture. Even street stickers have been highjacked by the multinationals for advertising. Frustrated by wholesale corporate theft of the scene, the latest generation of street artists are employing different techniques in their work, different means of dissemination, different materials, different ways of getting their work noticed. Using the detritus of the urban environmentadvertising, fly-tipped rubbish, street signsthe new scene is subverting the streetscape in 3D to shock, educate, and entertain. This book documents the new graffiti with photographs of the work and interviews with major players around the world.

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