Queens of the Conquest

Queens of the Conquest

England's Medieval Queens: Book One

Hardback594pp Illustrated230x155mm

9781101966662     Product Code: 508046


Piecing together the fragments of fact and stripping away the legends that surround England’s medieval queens, Alison Weir presents fresh, balanced and authoritative biographies of her cast of ‘heroines, villains, Amazons, stateswomen, adulteresses and lovers’. This first volume covers the lives of the Norman queens: Matilda of Flanders (1032?–1083), the wife of William the Conqueror; Henry I’s queen, Matilda of Scotland; Adeliza of Louvain; Matilda of Boulogne and the Empress Maud (1102–1167), whose second husband was Geoffrey ‘Plantagenet’, Count of Anjou. Slightly off-mint and felt-tip mark on upper trimmed edge.

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