Empire Flying Boat: 1936 to 1947 (Short S.23 'C' Class)

Empire Flying Boat: 1936 to 1947 (Short S.23 'C' Class)

An Insight into Owning, Servicing and Flying the Short 'C' Class Empire Flying Boat


Hardback160pp Illustrated270x210mm

9780857331588     Product Code: 508007


The Short Empire flying boat was primarily intended to carry mail to the far corners of the British Empire but, with room for about 20 paying customers, it also pioneered international passenger aviation in the 1930s, flying regular routes to Egypt, South Africa, Australia and America. This Haynes Manual-style review of the aircraft examines its design and operation as well as the experiences of passengers and crew, and is illustrated with technical drawings, cutaway diagrams and archive photographs.

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