Voyage autour du monde

    Voyage autour du monde

    Sur la corvette La Coquille. Tome 1

    Rene Primevere Lesson

    Archival Facsimiles 1987

    Hardback 520pp Illustrated

    9781294837497   Product Code: 21282

    Aboard La Coquille on its 1822-25 voyage around the world was the surgeon, naturalist, ornithologist and herpetologist Rene Lesson (1794-1849). This first volume of his account of the voyage takes him from Toulon to the Pacific island of Bora Bora.

    This book is from the Archival Facsimile series of reprints of first or important editions in the British Library. Although published in 1987, this is a new copy. No jacket.

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