Greek Islands

    Greek Islands

    Globetrotter Travel Guide

    Paul Harcourt Davies

    New Holland 2013

    PB + Map 128pp Illustrated 180x127mm

    9781780093796   Product Code: 21788

    Greece is a nation of rocky outcrops scattered across the sparkling Aegean, fringed by sandy beaches and dotted with ancient temples and dazzling white churches. Paul Davies details the sights and transport links of all the major islands and many secluded gems, along with those of Athens.

    This is one of the Globetrotter Travel Guides. Written by some of the most experienced travel writers in the business, these practical, concise and well-illustrated guides vividly describe places of interest and suggest where to eat, stay, shop and relax. With a weatherproof sleeve, fold-out map and free pdf map for your mobile.

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