Baltic States

    Baltic States

    Globetrotter Travel Guide

    Robin McKelvie; Jenny McKelvie

    New Holland 2009

    PB + Map 128pp Illustrated 180x128mm

    9781847732019   Product Code: 21785

    Since they regained their independence from the Soviet Union, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have drawn visitors to their unspoilt coastlines, woods and lakes, friendly and sophisticated cities, stunning architecture, top-notch hotels and first-rate restaurants. Here in one volume is all you need to know about the three capitals, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, and many delightful smaller towns and rural areas.

    This is one of the Globetrotter Travel Guides. Written by some of the most experienced travel writers in the business, these practical, concise and well-illustrated guides vividly describe places of interest and suggest where to eat, stay, shop and relax. With a weatherproof sleeve and fold-out map.

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