Porsche 911 Scrapbook




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    Porsche 911 Scrapbook

    De Luxe Edition

    Glen Smale

    Porter Press 2008

    Hardback 178pp Illustrated 255x305mm

    9780955656439   Product Code: 93683

    'The story of the evergreen 911', writes Glen Smale, 'is quite simply one of the most intriguing in the history of the motor industry'. In this 'scrapbook' he traces that story from the Typ 901 prototype in 1962 to the 911 Turbo S in 1998, with fresh insights into the cars' development and their phenomenal success and with hundreds of photographs, many previously unseen. These copies are from a limited edition, signed by Glen Smale and five times Le Mans winner Derek Bell, and bound and slip-cased in grey leather.

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