London's Victoria Embankment

    London's Victoria Embankment

    Robert J Harley

    Capital History 2005

    Hardback 120pp Illustrated 250x216mm

    9781854142849   Product Code: 45503

    Victoria Embankment, known to Londoners as simply 'The Embankment', was opened in 1870, when, according to The Times, the inauguration ceremony was marred by 'a great mob of roughs' invading the carriageway. Robert Harley's richly illustrated book is packed with such anecdote. It traces the history of Vulliamy and Bazalgette's combined embankment and sewage conduit, along with the Westminster, Blackfriars and Waterloo bridges, focusing on the changing modes of transport - from steamboats to motor cars - that have plied the once elegant thoroughfare.

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