Locomotives of the North Eastern Railway




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    Locomotives of the North Eastern Railway


    John S MacLean

    Amberley 2014

    Paperback 128pp Illustrated

    9781445637815   Product Code: 20967

    The 1923 revision of the railways in Britain saw the end of dozens of companies around the country as many famous names were absorbed into the 'Big Four'. The Britain's Pre-Grouping Railways series surveys some of the best known operators of the era, focusing on the locomotives in operation and the engineers responsible for acquiring, designing and building them.

    The NER covered a compact territory centred on Yorkshire, County Durham and Northumberland. Highlights of its locomotive history were the innovative Bo-Bo type electrics introduced in 1905 and the large Vincent Raven-designed A2 Pacifics built at Darlington Works in 1922. This a revised reprint of the history first published in 1923 and contains additional contemporary photographs.

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