Locomotives of the Great Northern Railway




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    Locomotives of the Great Northern Railway

    George Frederick Bird

    Amberley 2013

    Paperback 160pp Illustrated

    9781445634159   Product Code: 20964

    The 1923 revision of the railways in Britain saw the end of dozens of companies around the country as many famous names were absorbed into the 'Big Four'. The Britain's Pre-Grouping Railways series surveys some of the best known operators of the era, focusing on the locomotives in operation and the engineers responsible for acquiring, designing and building them.

    Only three engineers occupied the role of Locomotive Superintendent of the GNR from the newly built railway of the early 1850s to the first decade of the 20th century, when Henry Ivatt introduced 4-4-2 'Atlantic' type locos into Britain. This revised reprint of the 1910 edition of Bird's classic history of the period is augmented by newly researched photographs. Edited by John Christopher.

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