Sweet Peas, Suffragettes and Showmen

    Sweet Peas, Suffragettes and Showmen

    Events that Changed the World in the RHS Halls

    Rene Dee

    Rene Dee 2011

    Hardback 382pp Illustrated 275x207mm

    9781860776656   Product Code: 20534

    The Royal Horticultural Society's achievements in its chosen field have been well documented. Less well known are the many other events it has hosted since its first hall opened in 1904. This handsome book sets the record straight. Lavishly illustrated with colour photographs, posters and other memorabilia, it documents some 7,000 events that represent a century of social history, from the Cookery and Food Exhibition in 1906 through the Coronation Cat Show of 1953 to the Labour Party centenary in 2000.

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