The Fractalist


    Science Biography

    The Fractalist

    Memoir of a Scientific Maverick

    Benoit B Mandelbrot

    Pantheon 2012

    Hardback 345pp Illustrated

    9780307377357   Product Code: 20345

    Benoit B Mandelbrot (1924-2010), the creator of fractal geometry, has significantly improved our understanding of, among other things, financial variability and erratic physical phenomena. In this memoir, published shortly after his death, Mandelbrot tells the story of his life from childhood in Warsaw to the Sterling Professorship, Yale University's highest rank; and he reflects upon his work - the uncovering of formerly hidden rules governing roughness, turbulence and chaos. With an Afterword by Michael Frame. Slightly off-mint. American-cut pages and Felt-tip mark on lower trimmed edge.

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