Philip's Practical Astronomy Kit

    Philip's Practical Astronomy Kit

    The 3-in-1 Stargazing Pack

    Patrick Moore; John Woodruff; Wil Tirion

    Philip's 2013

    Paperback 112pp Illustrated 293x295mm

    9781849072991   Product Code: 18287

    An ideal starter kit for star-gazers, this set comprises two booklets: The Night Sky, Sir Patrick Moore's classic, easy-to-follow guide for beginners, and John Woodruff and Wil Tirion's Month-by-Month Star Finder, with a map for each month showing the locations of stars and constellations; plus the essential Planisphere 51.5 Degrees North, a practical map that shows where stars and constellations are for every hour of every night of the year.

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