The Golden Oriole

    The Golden Oriole

    Paul Mason; Jake Allsop

    T&AD Poyser 2009

    Hardback 280pp Illustrated

    9780713676839   Product Code: 22040

    Renowned for the beauty of its colourful plumage and its song, the Golden Oriole is one of Britain's rarest breeding birds, a long- distance migrant, returning in early May to breed at just a few sites, mostly in Suffolk. This study covers topics such as migration and population dynamics, but also reviews the history of the flagship reserve for the species, Lakenheath Fen.

    This book is from the Poyser Monographs series. Regarded as essential reading by many ornithologists, the Monographs provide an enormous amount of detail on individual species, covering evolution, biology and ecology, breeding and feeding, distribution, and conservation.

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