Lost Land of the Dodo


    Natural History

    Lost Land of the Dodo

    An Ecological History of Mauritius, Reunion and Rodrigues

    Anthony Cheke; Julian Hume

    Yale University Press 2008

    Hardback 464pp Illustrated 251x190mm

    9780300141863   Product Code: 84552

    For millennia, the Mascarenes - Mauritius, Reunion and Rodriges - were unvisited by humans. On these remote volcanic outcrops in the Indian Ocean an extraordinary range of species evolved - giant tortoises, burrowing boas and, most famously, the dodo. Then, in 1598, the Dutch arrived and within decades the dodo was extinct, followed by many other species. This survey of the Islands' unique fauna, illustrated with colour drawings of the vanished vertebrates, is a sobering lesson in how an entire ecosystem can unravel.

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