Lost Fish

    Lost Fish

    Anthologies of the Work of the Comte de Lacepede

    Elizabeth Kolbert

    Assouline 2008

    Hardback 232pp Illustrated 297x230mm

    9782759403929   Product Code: 19393

    Protege of the naturalist Leclerc de Buffon, the Comte de Lacepede was hired to be the 'keeper' of the French royal natural history collection in the 1780s. Forced out of Paris by the Revolution, Lacepede devoted himself to studying fish and published his five-volume Histoire naturelle des poissons between 1798 and 1803. This book presents extracts from that text and nearly 200 reproductions of its illustrations, depicting many fish that are now lost to us, along with quotations from thinkers, naturalists and poets.

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