Avian Survivors

    Avian Survivors

    The History and Biogeography of Palearctic Birds

    Clive Finlayson

    T&AD Poyser 2011

    Hardback 304pp Illustrated

    9780713688658   Product Code: 22022

    Using a fresh approach that classifies birds according to their bioclimatic characteristics, Finlayson views the history and distribution of Palearctic birds from a radical new angle. He shows that the avifauna of Palearctic predates the glaciations of the last two million years, and he tells the story of the birds that made it through the glaciations - the avian survivors.

    This book is from the Poyser Monographs series. Regarded as essential reading by many ornithologists, the Monographs provide an enormous amount of detail on individual species or groups such as these Avian Survivors.

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