Atlas of Epidemic Britain

    Atlas of Epidemic Britain

    A Twentieth Century Picture

    Matthew Smallman-Raynor; Andrew D Cliff

    Oxford University Press 2012

    Hardback 216pp Illustrated 357x262mm

    9780199572922   Product Code: 17211

    Covering the period from the publication of Charles Creighton's A History of Epidemics in Britain in 1891 to the first decade of the 21st century, this atlas presents an historical geography of epidemics. After general chapters on the mapping of epidemics, it deals with common infections 1901-1945, epidemics during both world wars, and infectious diseases after 1945, from diphtheria, tuberculosis and poliomyelitis to the 'new plagues' of HIV/AIDS and hospital superbugs. No jacket.

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