Diclides Coelometricae





    Diclides Coelometricae

    Nathaniel Torpolaeus

    Archival Facsimiles 1987

    Hardback 272pp 200x140mm

    9781852970086   Product Code: 21271

    An intriguing figure in the history of mathematics, Nathaniel Torporley (1564-1632) published this treatise on right-angled spherical triangles, with more than 100 pages of solutions tables, in 1602. Text in Latin.

    This book is from the Archival Facsimile series of reprints of first or important editions in the British Library - in this case, the facsimile is of a copy belonging to Henry Prince of Wales, heir apparent to James I. Although published in 1987, this is a new book. No jacket.

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