The Psalms of the Return


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    The Psalms of the Return

    Book V, Psalms 107-150

    Michael D Goulder

    Sheffield AP 1998

    Hardback 352pp

    9781850758662   Product Code: 66225

    This is the fourth volume of Goulder's Studies in the Psalter in which he argues that the psalms should be interpreted in line with their place in the Psalter. Here, he deals with Book V (Psalms 107-150), reordering its three sub-divisions as: the Songs of the Ascents and Nehemiah (120-134); Psalms 107-119 and the reconstruction of the Temple; and Psalms 135-150 and Ezra. Translations are given in the Revised Version margin (1881). Journal for the Study of the New Testament

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