The Beano Comic: 100 Postcards





    The Beano Comic: 100 Postcards

    Celebrating the Best of British Comic Art

    Frances Lincoln

    Frances Lincoln 2014

    Box 100pp Illustrated 169x115mm

    9780711235984   Product Code: 20173

    Since the first issue on 30 July 1938, The Beano has delighted generations of children with its anarchic mix of mischief and mayhem. This boxed set of 100 semi-glossy postcards features all the comic's stars including the Bash Street Kids, Dennis the Menace, Gnasher and Desperate Dan, and a Beano alphabet, from the original A in BEANO, 1938 to Z (Dennis had to 'borrow' this from The Beezer Book, 1967).

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