Jibber Jabber & Giffle Gaffle

    Jibber Jabber & Giffle Gaffle

    A Collection of Salacious Slang and Popular Profanities Through the Ages

    Elanor Clarke

    Summersdale 2013

    Hardback 224pp Illustrated 175x108mm

    9781849534703   Product Code: 19563

    Elanor Clarke's 'considered, but somewhat tongue-in-cheek overview of old vernacular' is a collection of salacious slang and popular profanities through the ages. Arranged by theme, it begins with everyday words and phrases, from the Altogether (stark naked) to Yap (a 19th century word for prattling on), and ends with death and disease, including a colourful array of phrases for Kicking the Bucket (the latter in use since the 16th century).

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