Dr Johnson's Dictionary of Modern Life


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    Dr Johnson's Dictionary of Modern Life

    Tom Morton

    Square Peg 2010

    Hardback 264pp

    9780224086684   Product Code: 93912

    'BARBECUE (n.) Englishman's Summer Repast, compos'd in equal Parts of cann'd Ale, Charcoal & RAIN-WATER.' In 2009 the curmudgeonly Dr Johnson made a surprising post-mortem return to lexicography, publishing on Twitter his definitions of such 21st century vocabulary as Sat Nav ('Soothsayer of the Carriage') and PlayStation (a 'wondrous Obsidian Obelisk'). This book brings together, in good old- fashioned print form, the best of his sardonic observations on our 'divers contemporary PHENOMENA'.

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