The Story of Soho




    Local history

    The Story of Soho

    The Windmill Years 1932-1964

    Mike Hutton

    Amberley 2013

    Paperback 256pp Illustrated

    9781445614496   Product Code: 20975

    The legendary Windmill Theatre, situated at the heart of the famously shady district of Soho, was open for business from 1932 to 1964 - a time of immense social and moral change. With a glittering cast of famous performers, glamour girls, impresarios and sundry colourful characters, this book tells the story of the Windmill and Soho, where an undercurrent of organized crime, black marketeering, violence and prostitution contrasted with the glamour of West End theatres and restaurants. Slightly off-mint.

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