The Roman Actor





    The Roman Actor

    A Tragedy

    Philip Massinger; Ed. Martin White

    Manchester University Press 2007

    Hardback 270pp Illustrated

    9780719077036   Product Code: 20774

    Written for the King's Men and first performed in 1626, the year after Charles I came to the throne, Massinger's play explores the balance between public and private moralities, condemns tyranny and defends the theatre. It is edited here by Martin White, whose introduction discusses issues including Massinger's intervention in the political tensions of his time and his portrayal of the pleasures and perils of performance.

    This critical edition is part of the Revels Plays series. The text of the play has been edited from the original of best authority and is accompanied by an extensive introduction dealing with text, dating, the playwright, sources and stage history, plus annotation, collation and commentary notes and a glossary.

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