The Harlequin Years

    The Harlequin Years

    Music in Paris 1917-1929

    Roger Nichols

    Thames & Hudson 2002

    Hardback 288pp Illustrated 235x167mm

    9780500510957   Product Code: 33528

    During the inter-war period, Paris was, in Stravinsky's words, 'the hub of the musical world.' Roger Nichols's work deftly explores the kaleidoscopic diversity of Parisian musical life from the popular music of the cabaret and revue, to the more traditional masterpieces by 'preservers of the French tradition' such as Faure and d'Indy. Nichols also examines the exciting and often scandalous new ideas of the avant-garde led by the dazzling talents of Stravinsky, Jean Cocteau, Nadia Boulanger and Les Six.

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