His Life and Music

    Stephen Johnson

    Naxos 2006

    PB + AudioCD 224pp Illustrated

    9781843791140   Product Code: 20293

    Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) famously said that a symphony 'must embrace everything', and his own massive works create whole worlds of exceptional emotional range and imagination. Johnson explains the personal and cultural background to Mahler's music, helping the listener to understand how his songs and symphonies were so deeply affected by the joys and sufferings of his life.

    Part of Naxos' Life and Music series, this illustrated biography includes an accompanying audio CD with a representative selection of full movements from Mahler's works. Despite his passionate, volatile and hypersensitive temperament, Tchaikovsky produced highly disciplined and enduringly popular music. Siepmann uses the words of the composer and his contemporaries to bring out his humanity, sensibility and humour, and sets out the cultural backgrounds behind Tchaikovsky's quest to reconcile the Western and Russian influences on his work.

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