Bel Canto Bully: The Life and Times


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    Bel Canto Bully: The Life and Times

    of the Legendary Opera Impresario Domenico Barbaja

    Philip Eisenbeiss

    Haus 2013

    Hardback 212pp Illustrated

    9781908323255   Product Code: 21808

    Domenico Barbaja - gambling magnate, 'greatest man in the Kingdom of Naples' and 'the Napoleon of music impresarios' - promoted the finest voices of the bel canto period and was responsible for the emergence of the opera composers Rossini, Bellini and Donizetti. Eisenbeiss reconstructs Barbaja's life and travels, traces his rise from coffee waiter to millionaire and follows his passionate but sometimes fraught professional negotiations against the backdrop of the changing political powers of his day.

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