The South Notts Hussars

    The South Notts Hussars

    The Western Desert 1940-1942

    Peter Hart

    Pen & Sword 2010

    Paperback 224pp Illustrated

    9781848844032   Product Code: 20497

    Peter Hart, the Imperial War Museum's Oral Historian, has been interviewing veterans of both world wars since 1981. His Voices from the Front series draws on the Museum's archive of recorded memories, along with photographs and military maps, to bring to life the battle experiences of front line regiments during the Second World War.

    The South Notts Hussars were a disparate group, a territorial artillery unit made up of miners from Hucknall, clerical workers from Nottingham and members of rich Nottinghamshire families. They served in some of the most dramatic actions in North Africa, notably at Tobruk, where they were trapped and kept Rommel's panzers at bay for six months.

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