The 2nd Norfolk Regiment

    The 2nd Norfolk Regiment

    From Le Paradis to Kohima

    Peter Hart

    Pen & Sword 2011

    Paperback 224pp Illustrated

    9781848844025   Product Code: 20496

    Peter Hart, the Imperial War Museum's Oral Historian, has been interviewing veterans of both world wars since 1981. His Voices from the Front series draws on the Museum's archive of recorded memories, along with photographs and military maps, to bring to life the battle experiences of front line regiments during the Second World War.

    On 21st September 1939, the 2nd Norfolks became the first battalion of the British Expeditionary Force to land in France. The following May, at Le Paradis, they died buying time for the main body of the BEF retreating to Dunkirk. After reforming with conscripts, they were back in action in 1942, fighting the Japanese on the Indian/Burmese border.

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