RAF Evaders

    RAF Evaders

    The Comprehensive Story of Thousands of Escapers and Their Escape Lines

    Oliver Clutton-Brock

    Grub Street 2009

    Hardback 527pp Illustrated

    9781906502171   Product Code: 92176

    Between May 1940 and May 1945, several thousand Allied airmen, forced to abandon their aircraft behind enemy lines, evaded capture and reached freedom by land, sea and air. Initially there was no organized help for men on the run, then escape lines such as Comet, running from Brussels to the Pyrenees, were set up. Clutton-Brock presents an in-depth account of this secret world of evasion, uncovering some treachery and many hitherto unpublished details, operations and photographs - and identifying 2,198 evaders.

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