Dam Busters


    World War II


    Second World War

    Dam Busters

    James Holland

    Atlantic 2012

    Hardback 437pp Illustrated 160x236mm

    9780802121691   Product Code: 19343

    On the night of 16 May 1943, Operation Chastise - the Dambusters Raid, as it became known - was undertaken by 19 Lancasters of 617 Squadron, armed with Barnes Wallis's bouncing bombs. Their objectives were the great Mohne, Eder and Sorpe dams in Germany's industrial heartland. Meticulously researched, Holland's fast-paced narrative gives a full account of both the engineering ingenuity and the courage of the bomber crews that came together in one of the most daring actions of the Second World War. Slightly off-mint.

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