The Western Front 1914-1916

    The Western Front 1914-1916

    Mons, La Cataeu, Loos, The Battle of the Somme

    Martin Mace; John Grehan

    Pen & Sword 2013

    Hardback 223pp Illustrated

    9781781593219   Product Code: 22520

    As had been the practice in earlier wars, British Commanders-in-Chief during the First World War were obliged to report their activities to the War Office in a formal dispatch. Providing the generals' own illuminating accounts of the conflict, this book contains the official dispatches of Sir John French, covering the battles of Mons, Le Cateau, Ypres and Loos, and his successor Sir Douglas Haig up to the end of May 1917, including the Battle of the Somme. NB: 'Le Cateau' is misspelled in the subtitle of this book.

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