A Soldier of the Seventy-First

    A Soldier of the Seventy-First

    From De la Plata to Waterloo, 1806-1815

    Joseph Sinclair

    Frontline 2010

    Hardback 160pp

    9781848325616   Product Code: 11006

    The Journal of a Soldier of the 71st or Glasgow regiment, Highland Light Infantry from 1806-1815, to give its full title, was first published in Edinburgh in 1819. Writing from the ranks, yet obviously well educated, the author graphically describes life in the regiment and its exploits in Whitlock's disastrous South American adventure in 1806, the Peninsular War, the Walchern Expedition and Waterloo. The Journal is edited, with an introduction by Stuart Reid, who unravels the puzzle of the book's true author.

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