The Digested Read


    Literary Criticism

    The Digested Read

    Volume II

    John Crace

    Guardian Books 2006

    Hardback 246pp 178x128mm

    9780852650639   Product Code: 84677

    In this second collection from The Guardian's 'Digested Read' column, John Crace walks where other reviewers fear to tread, summarizing (in the style of the author) and satirizing everything from Booker Prizewinners to celebrity autobiographies. No literary reputation is too great to escape parody - Bret Easton Ellis, Peter Ackroyd, Will Self, Jamie Oliver ... This second collection brings together over 110 pieces in chapters such as 'Prizewinners and Nominees', 'Memoirs' and 'Sleaze' - that's over 110 books you wouldn't have had time to read anyway. Slightly off-mint.

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