Piers Plowman: Concordance

    Piers Plowman: Concordance

    Will's Visions of Piers Plowman, Do-Well, Do-Better and Do-Best

    Joseph S Wittig

    Athlone 2001

    Hardback 290pp 274x210mm

    9780485115451   Product Code: 99444

    This is a complete concordance to the A, B and C texts of Piers Plowman in the Athlone editions. Each word in the vocabulary of the three versions (approximately 5,400) is listed alphabetically in its order of occurrence within the particular version. Except for a few frequently used words such as the definite and indefinite articles and common conjunctions, each occurrence of each word is listed within its line of context. With Latin and French concordances. No jacket.

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