Common Ground

    Common Ground

    Around Britain in 30 Writers

    John Simmons; Rob Williams; Tim Rich

    Marshall Cavendish 2006

    Paperback 336pp Illustrated

    9781904879930   Product Code: 84995

    Many places in the British Isles are inextricably linked with writers who have made us see them through their eyes: Hardy's Dorset, Dickens's Kent marshes, Stevenson's Highlands. In this remarkable book, 30 of the liveliest contemporary authors, including Whitbread winner Ali Smith and novelist Niall Griffiths, consider the towns and rural landscapes they share with their literary predecessors such as Virginia Woolf (the Sussex Downs) TS Eliot (the City of London), Dylan Thomas (Lougharne) and Alan Garner (Cheshire).

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