The New Phrynichus (1881)


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    The New Phrynichus (1881)

    Being a Revised Text of the Ecloga of the Grammarian Phrynicus

    W Gunion Rutherford

    Olms 1968

    Hardback 539pp

    978305101885    Product Code: 85692

    Phrynichus' Ecloga consists of a series of rulings on aspects of Attic and non-Attic Greek usage and is a valuable source of evidence both for the work of earlier scholars and for the Greek produced by those imitating Attic in the 2nd century CE. Based on painstaking research, Rutherford's extended commentary is still admired as a guide to the classical Attic dialect; he provides a complete Greek text interspersed with English discussion on each of Phrynichus' 411 maxims. Facsimile reprint. No jacket.

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