Procli in Platonis Parmenidem Commentaria

    Procli in Platonis Parmenidem Commentaria

    Tomus III: libros VI-VII et indices continens

    Carlos Steel; Leen Van Campe

    Oxford University Press 2009

    Hardback 458pp

    9780199291823   Product Code: 94474

    The monumental commentary by Proclus (412-485 CE) on Plato's Parmenides has had a crucial influence on later readings of an enigmatic dialogue. This final volume of the Oxford Classical Text edition contains Books 6 and 7 in Greek, with appendices, scholia and index fontium. Based on study of both the Greek tradition and medieval Latin translation, it features a painstaking reconstruction of the lost final sections, using the evidence of William of Moerbeke's Latin version.

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