The World's Best Whiskies

    The World's Best Whiskies

    750 Unmissable Drams from Tain to Tokyo

    Dominic Roskrow

    Jacqui Small 2012

    Paperback 288pp 270x210mm

    9781906417895   Product Code: 17543

    'A classic iodine-charged medicinal and peaty nose, with big, grungey taste and through the brooding clouds of peat, some sweet and succulent barley': Dominic Roskrow brings back enthusiastic reports from his adventures into whisky and its 'wildest new frontiers'. After chapters on history, distilling and blending, he explores the world's whiskies distillery by distillery, from Aberfeldy in Scotland to Amrut in Bangalore, India. And where did the big grungey one come from? Islay.

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