Low-Fat Baking: The Best-Ever


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    Low-Fat Baking: The Best-Ever

    Step-by-Step Collection of Recipes for Tempting and Healthy Eating

    Linda Fraser

    Hermes House 2011

    Hardback 256pp Illustrated 295x225mm

    9781843092896   Product Code: 23480

    Baking is riding a wave of popularity in the UK, so this compendium of low-fat recipes is very welcome. More than 200 recipes are provided for every meal and occasion: cookies, muffins, breads, cakes, desserts and savoury bakes. The healthier ingredients include unsaturated fats, fruits for sugar and moisture, honey and fromage frais. Nutritional notes including calorie content accompany each recipe. Previously published as The Ultimate Low-Fat Baking Cookbook.

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